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Latest Publications:

BOOK: Dorak MT: Genetic Association Studies: Background, Conduct, Analysis, Interpretation. Garland Science, 2016 (Reviewed in Human Genetics 2017)

BOOK CHAPTER: Dorak MT: Cancer: Gender differences at the molecular level. In: Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine - Gender in the Genomic Era. Elsevier Science, 2017

 PAPERS: Singh SK et al. A childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia GWAS identifies novel sex-specific risk variants. Medicine (Baltimore) 2016

Singh SK & Dorak MT. Cancer Immunoprevention and Public Health. Frontiers Public Health 2017


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Mehmet Tevfik DORAK, BA (Hons), MD, PhD


Recent Presentations:

Genome Biology and Applied Bioinformatics Course II (Istanbul, 2017)

Immunoenhancement in the Elderly (British Science Week Lecturethon, Liverpool, 2017)

Making Sense of Genetic Associations with Childhood Leukemia Risk (Oral presentation at Childhood Cancer Conference, London, 2016)

Functional Annotations of Common Disease Markers in Immune Regulatory Genes (Oral Presentation at EFI Conference, Kos, 2016)

Largest Copy Number Variation Regions in the Extended HLA Show Correlations with Ancestral HLA Haplotypes (Oral Presentation at EFI Conference, Kos, 2016)

Insights into Type 1 Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis from Common Genetic Associations (Oral Presentation at EFI Conference, Kos, 2016)

What Does Your DNA Tell about You? (Liverpool, 2016)

Genome Biology and Applied Bioinformatics Course I (Istanbul, 2016)

Interpretation of GWAS Findings in Transplant Outcome Studies (Bucharest, 2015)

Causality Assessment of HLA Region Associations in GWAS for Autoimmune Diseases (Fethiye, 2015)

Potential Mediation of HLA and Cancer Associations via Non-coding RNAs (Oral Presentation at ASHI Conference, Savannah, 2015)

A Survey of Cancer Somatic Mutations in the HLA Region (Oral Presentation at ASHI Conference, Savannah, 2015)

HLA-DQA1 3’UTR is an Unexplored Source of Disease Associations in the HLA Complex (Oral Presentation at EFI Conference, Geneva, 2015)

Bioinformatics for Genetic Epidemiologists  (Kusadasi, 2014)

Nanotechnology Applications in Genetics (Kusadasi, 2014)

HLA & Adverse Drug Reactions (Istanbul, 2014)

HLA & Cancer (Oral Presentation at ASHI Conference, Chicago, 2013)

Scientific Writing (Miami, 2013)

Effective Oral Presentations (Miami, 2012)

Cancer Immune Surveillance (Miami, 2012)

HLA Complex II: Clinical Utility (Miami Beach, 2012)

HLA Complex I: Genetics & Biology (Miami Beach, 2011)

Breast Cancer & HLA (New Jersey, 2011)

Insufficiencies of GWAS (Kusadasi, 2011)

Real-time PCR: Troubleshooting (Istanbul, 2011)

Iron Depletion in Disease Prevention (Birmingham, AL, 2011)

Childhood Leukemia Epidemiology: Hispanic Connection (Miami, 2011)

Genetic Epidemiology as a Probe for Disease Biology (Miami, 2011)

HLA and Disease Associations (Rio de Janeiro, 2010)


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