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Statistics and Graphics with R


19 April 2019

Istanbul University, Çapa Faculty of Medicine

Hulusi Behçet Library

Mehmet Tevfik DORAK (Kingston University London)


(Turkish version)


This is the website of a one-day course ran in Istanbul on 19 April 2019 on basic statistics and graphics with R. The course was designed to address the needs of absolute beginners to use R rather than for those who want to write their own code (developers). Anyone who has an interest in learning how to use R and/or statistics should benefit. The course teaches R and statistics at the same time without assuming any prior knowledge. It can be used like a self-paced course. All presentations and R scripts are provided below (including how to run R scripts in session 1). During the course, all participants started running R codes within the first 10 minutes without any difficulty. The aim is to bring the participants to a level to enable them to use any cookbook to do most statistical tests they will need and produce publication quality graphics. The course showed that even with a few hours of training, anybody can start using R without any knowledge of writing R codes.



(Please make an R directory on your hard drive (C:\R), download the files to that folder (with right click and Save Link As…)  and open from there)


Basic information about R and links for R users

 R Notes (PDF)     R Links (PDF)


Session 1

(R basics and syntax) 

PPT  PPTX  PDF  Script

Session 2

(Descriptive statistics and related graphics) 

PPT  PPTX  PDF  Script

Session 3

(Inferential statistics I: Categorical data analysis)  

PPT  PPTX  PDF  Script

Session 4

(Inferential statistics II: Correlation, t-test, ANOVA and regression) 

PPT  PPTX  PDF  Script

Session 5

(Beyond basic statistics: Statistical power; meta-analysis; survival analysis; ROC curve analysis)  


Scripts for session 5: pwr.R   survival.R  epiR_meta.R   rmeta_cochrane.R   roc_cutoff.R


 All sessions (1-5) as a single file

PPTX (25Mb)  PDF (16Mb)





 quantmod.R   contingency.R   tiff.R

s1.R    s2.R    s3.R    s4.R




epiR_meta.R   rmeta_cochrane.R




Online resources (cookbook style resources for R users)

 Quick-R: (Book: R in Action */(online liveBook))

Instant R: (Books: InstantR (PDF) > Using R for Statistics *; GitHub)

Cookbook for R: (Book: R Graphics Cookbook)

R Cookbook: (PDF)

How to in R:

R Tutorial:

Basic Statistical Analysis Using the R Statistical Package (Boston University):

Learn R (Data Science Made Simple):

Kickstarting R:

* I find these two books most useful for beginners


You may also use the following two books (open access):

Learn to Use R: Your Hands-on Guide (ComputerWorld)

Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis with R (Matthias Kohl) by Bookboon (2015)


Mehmet Tevfik DORAK, MD, PhD



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