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UCLA Ethnomusicology Department . . Ethnomology Links

Ethnomusicology On-Line .  Ethnomusicology (1) .  Ethnomusicology (2)

World Music: Ethnomusicology . Traditional World Music

Music of the Near East (UCLA) (Maqamat) . Middle Eastern Music (1) . Middle Eastern Music (2)

Turkish Music: Theory, History, Composers, Instruments and More

Music from Turkey    Turkish Music Library    Arabic Music ..

The Art of Persian Music (Book & CD) . Persian Music . Iranian Classical Music

Music in Our World (e-Book)

Jewish and Muslim Musicians of the Mediterranean    Oud Website by Nikos Dimitriadis

Celestial Harmonies: The Music of Islam ... Kalan Music (Traditional Turkish Music)   (Kalan Home)

M.Tevfik Dorak B.A. (Hons)

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