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Infection & Immunity

M.Tevfik Dorak, MD, PhD


Mini-reviews on topics relevant to Infection & Immunity:


NK Cells   MIC genes

Immunology in a Nutshell (PPT)

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (PPT)


Links to Other Resources

WHO Health Topics    CDC Health Topics    BBC Health: Medical Reports (Infectious Disease)  

CDC National Center for Infectious Diseases   

CDC Technical Reports: Cholera   HIV 

 Immunology @ NIH

 AMNH Exhibition: Epidemic! The World of Infectious Disease  (glossary) 

Infectious Disease Movement in a Borderless World: Institute of Medicine (glossary)

JCI Global Health Reviews (open access)

Global Health Reporting (Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS)

 Program for Monitoring of Emerging Diseases (Hourly Reports)

 Health Protection Agency CDR Weekly   Center for Disease Control MMWR   WHO Disease Outbreak News

 Malaria:   Wellcome Trust    WHO (Fact Sheet)   CDC    Nature    Malaria Parasite Life Cycle    RPH    Malaria Links

 Tuberculosis:    WHO (Fact Sheet)    CDC (Education & Training)    Nature    Tuberculosis Links

 Tropical Medicine Lecture Notes from ITG (including malaria, tuberculosis & HIV)  

HIV and AIDS Tutorial    NIH AIDS Info    UNAIDS

New Scientist Reports: Bird Flu   HIV & AIDS   BSE vCJD 

Nature Web Focus:  Malaria   Tuberculosis   SARS   Biodefence & Bioterrorism   Antimicrobial Strategies


Swine Flu (H1N1) Information:

WHO   CDC   NCBI   PHLS-HPA   Monitor   PHA-Canada 

 New Engl J Med    Am J Epidemiol    Lancet   Nature   New Scientist   National Academies Press


Avian Flu (Bird Flu / H5N1) Information:

  WHO   CDC   PHLS-HPA   Monitor   PHA-Canada

Avian flu: Origins, action and impact and Spanish Flu in Wellcome Science

 New Scientist Special Report    BBC Quick Guide    Influenza Report 2006


 Public Health Agency of Canada: Infectious Diseases  (Infectious Substances Safety Data Sheets)

 Emerging Infectious Diseases  (Open Access CDC Journal)

 Super Lectures on Infectious Diseases     Family Practice Notebook: Infectious Diseases

  Roitt’s Immunology Online: Glossary

 Biology of the Immune System in Merck Manual

 NCBI Bookshelf: Immunobiology 5th Edition (2001) by Janeway et al    

 Kuby Immunology Website

 Online Immunology & Microbiology Textbook  & Video Lectures

 Immunology Lectures (Leicester University)

NCBI Bookshelf: Medical Microbiology (S Baron)

 Immunology & Evolution of Infectious Disease - SA Frank, 2002 

  Classics of Immunology

  Immunol Posters (eBioscience) - Immunol Posters (Nat Rev Immunol)

Immunology Class Homepage    Animations (AbDSerotec)    Infection & Immunity Animations    Animations from Kuby

Immunology Journals:

Trends in Immunology    Current Opinion in Immunology    Annual Review of Immunology

 Immunity   BMC Immunology   Journal of Immunology   PNAS: Immunology  Immunology & Allergy Clinics of North America  

Nature Immunology   Nature Reviews Immunology

Infectious Diseases Journals:

Emerging Infectious Diseases    Infectious Diseases in Children    BMC Infectious Diseases

 Nature Reviews Microbiology    Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases    Infectious Disease Clinics of North America 

Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases


 CD Molecules 2005   PROW-CD   HUGO CD Molecules List   Human CD Poster

 Popular Books in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 

 Biomedical Lifelong Learning 

M.Tevfik Dorak, MD, PhD


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